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Name E-Mail Address Research Area
Jim Allen Terahertz dynamics in semiconductor quantum structures far from equilibrium, Bloch oscillators, novel terahertz detectors and terahertz circular dichroism and dynamics of bio-polymers.
David Awschalom Optical and magnetic interactions in semiconductor quantum structures, spin dynamics and coherence in condensed matter, nanometer-scale magnetism, and quantum information processing in the solid state.
Leon Balents Theory of quantum transport and collective dynamics of spins and electrons. Ordering, frustration, and criticality in frustrated magnets. Topological and Berry phase effects on the dynamics of electrons in strongly spin-orbit coupled bands. Mechanisms of spin relaxation in the solid state.
Dirk Bouwmeester Quantum information processing with entangled photon states.
Fred Chong Computer architecture for novel technologies. System designs for quantum computing, nanoscale electronics, and molecular sensors. Environmental and societal impact of computing technologies.
Andrew Cleland Nanoscale electronic and mechanical devices, exploring their uses as novel and ultrasensitive sensors and imaging devices.
Art Gossard Quantum Structure Growth, Science and Technology; High Performance Graded Quantum Structures; Quantum Wire and Quantum Dot Growth and Devices; MBE Technology for Ultrafast, Ultra-high-density Optoelectronic Devices; Smart Optoelectronic Pixel Technology; Cryogenic Lasers for Low-Temperature Electronics; Advanced Infrared Detectors Based on Strained Layer Superlattices.
Beth Gwinn Quantum Hall effect in semiconductor multilayers, Josephson effects in quantum-well-coupled superconductors, and ferromagnetism in semiconductors.
Evelyn Hu Low-damage, high spatial resolution fabrication techniques for novel device structures. Approaches for achieving heterogeneous materials integration in devices.
Herb Kroemer Bloch oscillators, superconducting-semiconducting interfaces, negative refractive index materials.
John Martinis Josephson junction quantum computing, low-loss dielectric materials for quantum computing, low noise superconducting and single-electron devices, low-temperature particle detectors.
Pierre Petroff Crystal growth and epitaxy with emphasis on understanding the fundamental processes involved in the epitaxy of semiconductors for producing novel self assembling nanostructure.
Mark Sherwin Quantum information processing, Terahertz Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures.
Jim Speck Relationship between thin film electronic materials growth, microstructure, and the relation between microstructure and physical properties.
Wim van Dam Quantum computing, design of efficient quantum algorithms, quantum communication complexity, adiabatic computing, nonlocality as a resource.

Station Q

Eddy Ardonne
Adrian Feiguin
Michael Freedman
Alexei Kitaev
Chetan Nayak
Joost Slingerland
Simon Trebst
Zhanghan Wang
Kevin Walker

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